Magnet Hosting is dedicated to providing high quality adult hosting services for both adult and non-adult sites. Our years of experience in adult hosting guarantee that will always receive the best adult hosting service available on the internet.
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  No risk

  There is absolutely no risk joining us. Our 10 days money back guarantee is right for those who are not sure whether our adult hosting solution is the best choice for their website.

  Perfect for personal or business web sites

  No matter if you need hosting for your small personal website or commercial website, Magnet Hosting is just for you. We offer a large variety of web hosting plans and easy upgrade options if your needs grow.

  Top offer   $17.50/month

   800 MB storage space
   40 GB monthly bandwidth
   hosting for 10 domains
   100 POP3 mailboxes
   100 subdomains
   own IP address

  Flexible hosting packages

  We are currently offering 6 different web hosting packages, all including full set of features. Our packages are composed in a flexible manner so you can always get what you need as an additional service if it is not already included in the package. Additional services, such as additional domain hosting, domain registration, IP addresses, additional traffic or disk space are just clicks away.

You may find a full list of our packages here

  24/7 Technical support

  Providing our customers a reliable and friendly 24/7 support is one of our main goals. We are here to help you solve your problems and answer your questions around the clock. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Quick adult hosting guide
No matter if you are an adult webmaster just starting up his adult business, or an experienced webmaster looking to switch hosting provider, it is important that you have a good look at your new provider before signing up. Our sales representatives are here for you 24/7 to answer all your questions and hesitations. It is important that you know everything possible for the adult hosting account you are about to purchase.

  Things to look for before signing up

Before making your final decision, you should make sure you will get everything you need with your new hosting provider:
- if hosting adult sites is allowed
- if technical support is fast and accurate
- if disk space and bandwidth is enough for your needs
- if additional services, such as disk space and bandwidth are available
- if the set of features and tools offered will meet your requirements
- what is the actual uptime of the adult hosting company you have chosen
- if there are any hidden charges
- if billing is recurring directly to your credit card or is "hidden charge safe" and all payments must be done directly by you
- if there is a Money Back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the hosting service provided

  Finding an adult hosting company that will meet all your requirements

When making your decision, it is important the the adult hosting company you choose meets all your needs. We do our best to maintain a full set of features and extras for our customers. If what you need is not offered by us, please contact us and we will do our best to implement the tools and features you need.

  Search for advice and testimonials

If the adult hosting company you have chosen seems to good to be true, then try searching for advice and testimonials. Web hosting companies often publish client testimonials on their websites. It is a good idea to read them and contact the writers for additional information and advice to see if they are still satisfied with the hosting service provided.

  Track backgrounds and hosting experience

Doing a research on your new adult hosting provider is a good thing to do. Try searching their backgrounds, when the company has been established, how many people have used their services. The perfect way for such a research is to look for articles, reviews, searching the search engines and hosting forums.

  Why is adult web hosting different

Providing adult web hosting solutions is a lot different than providing simple web hosting. Adult webmasters have higher requirements and service provided must be 100% professional. Dislike ordinary webmasters, adult webmasters usually earn money from their adult websites and that's why the service provided must be a real high quality adult web hosting solution with 27/4 technical support.

  Main account features for all adult hosting plans:

      adult friendly hosting
      free setup
      instant account activation
      free 24/7 technical support
      Money Back guarantee
      FrontPage support
      CGI-bin and Perl enabled
      PHP enabled
      Python enabled
      MySQL databases
      SpamAssassin spam protection
      E-mail filters
      domain parking
      State-of-the-art web based control panel. Demo
      Web based file manager
      custom error pages
      E-mail forwarders
      Webalizer website statistics
      Unix hosting with Apache web servers
      mod_rewrite enabled
      .htaccess supported
      protected directories
      access and error logs
      E-mail for subdomains
      resource usage stats
      free FormMail scripts
      free counters
      [more features]

  Superior servers

We are constantly upgrading our hosting servers to maintain optimal performance and stability for our customers. Latest technologies are used for building our servers, which have the following primary specifications: Dual 2.4Ghz Xeon, 2GB of RAM and 2x200 GB RAID1 HDDs. To find out more about our servers, please click here

  State of the art data center

Magnet Hosting servers are located in a 82,000 square foot data center owned by Sago Networks. The data center is a high class hosting facility located in Tampa, Florida. The data center was built by a group of Data Center engineers with a combined 86 years of experience in technology construction and, specifically, data center construction and maintenance.

  Custom control panel

Unlike most hosting companies, we have developed our own custom control panel. Our experience indicates that using standard control panels is not always suitable for custom hosting solutions. Our control panel is result of years of experience and researches. For a fully functional demo, please click here.

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